Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle

Can November really only be 2.5 months away?  I have to admit I might be freaking out just a bit. 

This summer has definitely been way more crazy than I was anticipating and the demand on my time crazy.  I keep telling myself that at some point I need to start saying no to things so I can actually have something to sell at vogue.  Don’t fret though, I have made some progress on items to sell (just a little bit behind schedule on where I wanted to be at this point) and I continue to get more and more done each week, but with time dwindling down I am starting to really feel the pressure now.  

Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle!!  I couldn’t be more excited about this upcoming opportunity to meet all of you who have the same passion for knitting and crafting as I do.  Plus my favorite designer, Andrea Mowry is going to be there too.  Excitement overload!!  Not to mention all the other amazing designers who are coming and all the booths to explore.  

I feel like a little girl excitedly anticipating and waiting for summer camp.  

I’m guessing sleeping the night before the event will be non existent. 

I really hope you will be able to stop by and say hi to myself and Lydia of Oh!Loops who will be sharing a booth with me.  Registration is now open for the event. Check out www.vogueknittinglive.com/seattle/ to secure your spot and come meet and explore with me.

Bana&Bean & Oh!Loops will be sharing a booth 

See You Soon!!

Happy Knitting

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