WIP Addiction

When I started knitting I started one project at a time and I worked on that one project until it was finished before I started the next one.  I now have 6 projects on the needles and one I need to block and somewhere around 10 more that I am itching to cast on to and if I wasn’t participating in Kal’s over the next three months I probably would have already cast on to all of them by now.

I started thinking about this phenomenon of starting WIP after WIP after WIP as I was in the middle of buying more yarn today (yes cause I need more yarn) and picking out yet another project or two that I’m going to knit up with this new yarn.  For those of you non-knitters a WIP is a work in progress.  Until recently I had no idea what people were talking about when they talked about their WIPs, HOs, FOs, and UFOs.  Man this knitting thing is dirty and out of this world.  Hmmm, maybe something to go into more detail later.  Back to my WIPs.

Why are we in such a hurry to start another project before we have even finished the ones we are already working on?

I had the yarn so I started yet another shawl

I know this problem doesn’t necessarily apply to all knitters, but I do know quite a few knitters that have the same addiction I do.  One lady I was talking to at soccer the other night even told me that she came across socks on the needles that were in her stash that she didn’t even know what pattern they belonged to.  Fortunately I haven’t come across that problem yet, although I’m sure it will happen to me sooner or later with all of the projects I have going or am wanting to start.  The real sad thing is that I have an app, yes an APP on my phone to track all of my projects and what row I’m on, repeat, etc.  If you’re looking for a good simple app I can recommend one as I would be lost without it.  If I didn’t have this amazing little app on my phone I would probably end up knitting in the wrong place on the wrong project thinking I’m at the place I was on in a different project and nothing I knit would ever turn out.  Whew, it’s just confusing even saying that let alone keeping everything straight and maybe that is a little over exaggerated, but seriously I can be that scatter brained at times.  I call it mommy brain. Isn’t that how all mother’s are or am I the only one?

So why do we do this to ourselves?

I’m going to list out the reasons I know I do it and we will see how many match up with your own reasons or maybe this list can be used to justify the WIP addiction I think we all have.

  • Working on the same project for a long period of time is just plain boring and I lose interest.

When I start on a new project it’s so exciting.  The yarn is new, the pattern is new and there is this sense of passion that takes over as I can’t wait to get started and see the finished product.  After I get through the initial set up and start making progress I get to the middle where the pattern typically is repetitive and depending on the size of the project (I’m still a slow knitter) it starts to feel like I will never be done and I start to lose interest.  The pattern is just no longer new and exciting.

My shawl I started on in February is finally blocking.
  • I seriously can’t stop buying new yarn.
Some of the yarn I bought this summer, except there are three skeins missing in this picture and it doesn’t include the three I just purchased.

This seems to be a big problem for me, which I some what blame on my best friend.  Yes, Lydia I am talking about you.  If she would just stop creating all of this beautiful yarn I might stop buying so much yarn.  Or maybe not, but it sounds like a good excuse to me.  Seriously though this is a big problem for me.  I keep finding beautiful yarn and I just have to have it. The next problem is that I’m a Type A personality so I can’t buy yarn unless I know what it’s going to be used for.  So first I find the yarn I want and then I go find a pattern I’m going to use the yarn for so I can make sure I order enough.  Once I get this new yarn I am simply itching to cast on to the new project and see how beautiful the yarn looks as it is knit up.  The only thing that slows me down is possibly not having the correct needles as I am still growing my needle selection, but that usually only slows me down for a few days as the Loopy Ewe is so good at getting me my new needles within a few days of ordering them.

  • All the people in my life who are knit worthy.
My super cute nieces, how can I not want to knit something for them.

Lets see I have my girls, my hubby, my mom, my sisters, my sister’s little girls who are so stinken cute, and the list goes on and on.  Two of the projects I’m waiting on yarn to cast on to are for my nieces for Christmas and I am so excited to knit this super cute hat for them.  I literally have 6 projects I’ve either already cast on to or will cast on to for my own girls that I’m hoping to have done by Christmas and I’m currently working on a hat for my mom for Christmas and a pair of socks for my hubby.  Plus I have more yarn I purchased to make my hubby another pair of socks.  Wow, listing all of that out makes me exhausted.

And that isn’t even the whole list of all the knit worthy people in my life or the projects I am working on currently.

I’ve learned this amazing new craft and now I can’t wait to share it with all of my loved ones and that excitement keeps me casting on to more and more and more projects!!  Now if I could just finish some of them to give to these amazing knit worthy people.

  • All of the beautiful patterns, how can I resist?
Just got new yarn for this and I can’t wait to cast on. Pattern is Handbrake by Kay F Jones

The knitting world is full of all of these amazing designers and Instagram Ravelry are both just so helpful in showing all of these amazingly beautiful patterns knit up by other people who are currently working on them.  I can spend hours on Ravelry just looking through amazing patterns and I honestly can’t resist the pull to these beautiful patterns.  For me it’s like resisting the pull to the dark side.   I see these posts on social media (mainly Instagram) and I am in awe at how pretty they are and I too want to make something that beautiful.  So what do I do.  I find the pattern and I order yarn (I’m sure you are noticing a cycle here) and then when the yarn comes I just can’t wait to cast on to this amazingly beautiful project and create something pretty just like everyone else.  The dark side is calling me.

I think my list (excuses) could go on and on, but these are the main ones for me.  Do any of these items line up with what your reasons are?  My family says I am addicted to knitting now.  My sister put it as I went knit crazy.  When I list out my WIPs I kinda have to agree with her.  I definitely think I have a WIP Addiction.  Is it a problem?  I’m not sure yet.  I’ll have to wait and see if I finish all the projects I have started or if they will turn into UFOs. All I can say is I think a WIP Addiction is the best kind of addiction to have. Want to join me in a WIP Addiction?


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