To FROG or Not to FROG; That is the question.

As we enter into the fall season, we also enter into my favorite knitting time. With fall comes soccer and with soccer comes lots of time to knit!! So here I am knitting away at my daughter’s soccer tournament working on my favorite cowl go to. I’m knitting and knitting and just happen to look down at my ball of yarn (the second and last ball I have in this colorway) and I notice its getting rather small. Instantly I know I’m not going to have enough to finish the last repeat, but I’m hoping to at least finish the repeat I am on so the project at least looks finished. So I knit and knit. Hastily playing yarn chicken with my ball of yarn and I get down to having 4 rows left. At that moment I just know there is no way I’m going to have enough to finish. Now what do I do?

Casting on Double Stitch Count…Little did I know!!

The sad thing is that I did this to myself. The first time I knit this pattern I did exactly what the pattern called for and I used 1.5 skeins of the yarn I had. The cowl I made was for my daughter and absolutely perfect for her, but for me I wanted it to be bigger. So without really thinking about it, I decided I wanted to double the stitch count. The original took 1.5 skeins of yarn so it would be reasonable to assume that by doubling the stitch count it would then take 3 skeins of yarn to finish and I only had 2 skeins. If I would have really thought about it I would have came to this conclusion and would have realized this was not going to work. The problem was I didn’t think about it one bit. I said, “I had yarn left over after the first one, so I should be fine.” Unfortunately the math won out!!

My first time playing yarn chicken

Now I’m stuck with this dilemma. Do I FROG the project and start over or do I just finish it as is 4 rows short?

A year ago or even 6 months ago I would have just finished it and moved on to the next project. It took me so long to finish a project that the idea of ripping it out and starting over was the definition of insanity to me. Now however, I am just a bit faster and it doesn’t take me quite as long and because of this I am seriously considering doing the very thing months ago I thought was insane.

So Close and Yet So Far Away

Let’s look at this from a point of reasonable thinking. If I just finish the project what happens? Let’s see, I will be done and free to knit on something new. I will also have a new cowl to wear. Although it will probably drive me nuts every time I look at it knowing that its not right and I will probably wear it very little. I could ask my friend to dye me another skein of the yarn. This could work, but the yarn may not match what was done before and if I wait I more than likely won’t have it to wear this fall like I wanted. What happens if I FROG and start over? If I start over I can reduce the stitch count by 2/3 and have enough yarn to finish. Its a quick project and I will easily have it finished in time to wear this fall like I wanted. I also will have the satisfaction of knowing its ok to start over when something didn’t work out the way I intended.

Can you tell which direction I’m leaning?

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