So Much Fabric, So Little Time!!

My fabric pile, all organized and ready to be cut out.

I think I’ve already explained to the world that I’ve gone just a little bit fabric crazy since opening Bana&Bean and this month or I guess you could say the beginning of this year has been no different.

I had a bit of a break after my trip to Vogue where I didn’t purchase much and I didn’t do much sewing.  Honestly I think I was a bit burned out after trying to get ready for that huge show.

But now I am back at it and as fabric crazy as ever!!  😉 

With lots of fun ideas and things coming for 2018 (all of which I am super excited for and can’t wait to share with all of you) I want to make sure I have the best bag designs and options available as humanly possible. 

Super Top Secret Pile of Fabric, Charms, and Snaps. Part of a Kit Collaboration with Oh!Loops for the KnitKnit Anniversary Event.

The good news is I have lots of fun things in the shop or coming to the shop.  The bad news is a may be on a bit of a fabric overload at the minute as I sit in my office staring at this massive pile, which doesn’t even include the orders I placed today.

Now that I’ve made the purchases, its time to get down to business and sew these bad boys together.  With two trunk shows coming up in the next couple of months and my daughter’s soccer season upon us, I have no time to waste.  Time to fill up my Cup Of Happy and get to work.  Wish me luck!!!



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