Dishie Obsession

Do you ever see something that someone else has knitted and instantly become obsessed with it?

For me, this happens all the time which leads me into my newest obsession.  Dishcloths.  I don’t know how many people this applies to, but I’ve been knitting for over two years and have yet to knit a dishcloth.  I hadn’t even considered it or even given it a second thought until my co-worker decided to try knitting again and bought a beginner knitting dishcloth kit from Knit Picks

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She showed me the kit and I thought “that looks nice, I should try that some time.”  The real obsession didn’t happen until after she finished her first dishcloth and brought it into work to show me.

After I squeezed that dishcloth I was instantly obsessed and knew I need to make like 16 of them.  See what I mean by obsession.  I do have to admit I’d never really paid much attention to 100% cotton yarn and was surprised to find that Knit Picks dishie yarn is super soft and squish-able and according to their website super absorbent too.  Needless to say after she showed me her dishcloth I got online and purchased 5 balls of the dishie yarn and the beginner dishcloth kit which came with another three balls of dishie yarn. 

If each ball makes the two dish cloths it should make, I will have 16 dishcloths and I am super excited about this, which may or may not make me just a little crazy.  

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