Pop-Up Shop Excitement with my friend, Procrastination

In exactly 10 days I get the honor of participating in a local shops 2nd Anniversary Sale. 

10 DAYS!!! 😯 

One of the things that I constantly struggle with is my amazing friend, Procrastination. Every time  she shows up I tell myself “I will never let her do this to me again” and yet somehow my amazing friend always manages to  catch me off guard.  I really think I am just a pressure junkie and I enjoy her company so much and even though I hate the pressure of waiting till the last possible second to get stuff done, somehow I still also love it!!  Sound crazy to you??

Cause it absolutely sounds crazy to me!! 

Needless to say I am 10 days away from my pop-up shop at KnitKnit’s 2nd Anniversary Shenanigans and I still have quite a bit of work to do.  Bring on the pressure!!!

For this event I’ve teamed up with Lydia of Oh!Loops to provide a KnitKnit exclusive kit called Springtime KnitKnit.  Each kit will include a sock size bag in my new drawstring design, a coordinating needle cozy, matching progress keeper sets, and a coordinating skein of yarn from Oh!Loops. As we’re putting together these kits one theme emerges…

Poppy’sEverything poppy!! 

I can honestly say that I’m so in love with these that I’ve even made (or will have made 😳 ) two extra’s so Lydia and I can each keep one. 

The real challenge for me and my amazing friend, Procrastination, who I am so very fond of, has been the number of kits. 30!!  The most kits Lydia and I have ever done before is 15. Sewing 30 (or actually 60 when you add in the needle cozy’s) of the same thing over and over again is much more challenging then I expected it to be.  You know that point in a knitting pattern when you are doing the same stitch over and over again for what seems like forever and you start itching to cast on to something new.  Sewing the same thing over and over feels the exact same way and all I want to do is play with the piles of new fabric I have sitting on my desk.  

Now don’t go feeling all sorry for me and my sewing woes.  If I am completely honest with all of you, I really have no excuse!!  I’ve had plenty of time to spread this task out over months and have it not be quite so daunting.  But my  friend, Procrastination showed up and since her and I are such good friends I figured, why not.  Maybe next time she shows up, I’ll be able to kick her butt to the curb and live in the glory of amazing time management, but for now….who needs sleep.  If you are local…make sure you stop by KnitKnit (311 East Coeur d’Alene Ave. Ste. E, Coeur D’Alene, ID 83814) for this amazing event.  I promise the kits WILL BE DONE!!  Plus there will be other local small businesses there and I hear mini cupcakes too.

A great opportunity to support local and add to the stash!!



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