Mt. WIP More

Yay for Podcasts!!

I just have to say, we’ve only done two podcasts so far, and I am already having so much fun and wondering why I didn’t start doing this so long ago.  I’m sure it helps that once a month I get to sit with my bestie and all of you and just talk about yarn and projects and laugh and be silly. I really hope all of you are enjoying the new podcast as much as we are creating it.

Speaking of new podcast….Episode 2 Mt. WIP More is now available on both the Oh!Loops and Bana&Bean Channels on YouTube.  In this episode we talk about all the things on the needles, which really was a mountain worth of project bags.  So many good intentions.  🙂   Maybe, just maybe by sharing these with all of you, we can actually turn some of these WIPS into FOs.  Only time will tell!!  

Next up on the podcast agenda…Confessions of a Knitaholic!! 

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