It’s Vacation Time: Knitting Prep

Time for some knitting preparation!!

I’m just a little under 10 days till I head off on our big family vacation for the summer.  This year we are heading to the Oregon Coast and will be spending 2 days in Astoria, 3 days in Seaside, and 3 days in Newport.  As a mom and a wife it is my job to make sure we remember to bring all the things.  As a knitter it is also my job to make sure I bring all the knitting.

How do you prepare for trips with your knitting?  

In the past I have prepared for trips by taking all my WIPs (yes every single one of them) and putting them into one large bag with the full intention of working on all of them.  Can you guess how many I actually touch while on the trip?  One, maybe two if I’m lucky.  This time I’m actually thinking of doing something different.  Instead of taking every single WIP I have…I’m thinking that I need to look and find the two or three I actually want to work on and then set myself goals for how much I want to get done while I’m gone.

After much consideration I’ve decided on three projects I am going to take with me for car knitting, beach knitting, hotel knitting, and any other knitting I can fit in without my family killing me.  I do have so many more that I want to bring, but I think if I stick to these three I might actually make some progress. Fingers crossed!!

  • Om Shawl by Andrea Mowry
  • Kodikas Shawl by Caitlin Hunter
  • Brave at Heart Shawl by Lydia Brown (incase I get bored of the other two)

Now you might be wondering…how or why did I choose these three out of all the other projects I currently have on the needles. 

For me the choices came down to one simple question. “Will I be able to work on it and still hold a conversation with those around me?”  In previous trips I’ve made the mistake of bringing projects that require a lot of attention and what ends up happening is that I don’t work on them at all or I start to work on them and realize I’m completely ignoring everyone around me and end up stopping and not doing any knitting for the rest of the trip.  My hope is this time around I’ve picked projects that I can easily knit on while still partaking in car conversation or watching the girls on the beach. I want my knitting to fit into my vacation.

Now for the Goals!!

I think another mistake I’ve made in the past is not setting any goals and therefore I end up not even thinking about knitting while I’m traveling or I think about it, but don’t feel any real need to accomplish anything.  This time I’m going to set some easy goals and see if I can accomplish them.  Hopefully I’m not being too optimistic!!

  1. Finish middle section of Om Shawl.
    • 172 rows (105 stitches per row)
  2. Finish Chart 2  and Stockinette Section 3 in Kodikas Shawl
    • Will give me 213 sts on the needles at the end of Chart 2, 233 sts at end of Stockinette Section 3 (15 rows total)
  3. Finish 10 rows on Brave at Heart Shawl (if I get bored of the other two)

Fun Trip Facts

  • Spokane to Astoria – 7 hrs 42 min
  • Astoria to Seaside – 35 min
  • Seaside to Newport – 2 hrs 49 min
  • Round Trip – 18 hrs 37 min of car time
  • 197 total rows to knit
  • If I only knit in the car I would have to knit almost 6 rows a minute to hit my goals (possible…)

After doing the math my goals may be just a bit optimistic.  I would have to find 30 hours outside of the car to actually hit all three goals, but hey anything is possible. Now that the knitting is figured out, I guess I better start my list of what to pack for the rest of the family and maybe some clothes for me too. =)

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